This is a new site intended to tell basketball stories from around the state of Illinois. Stories about players, coaches, recruiting, human interest and more.

Long-term, the aim is to help document the history of Illinois high school basketball: records, statistics, awards and more. If you are interested in contributing information, please reach out to rudnik.jakub@gmail.com.

Site Founder Jakub Rudnik

I have been a sportswriter in the Chicago area for more than seven years. I’ve covered a variety of sports, but basketball (of all levels) has always been my biggest passion.

When I first started covering high school sports, there was significantly more coverage than there is today. Even just a few years ago, multiple papers covered CPS teams. Now it’s just the Sun-Times. Coverage across the state has reduced even further with budget cuts caused by COVID-19.

I want to help tell the untold stories, cover the uncovered programs. We’ll never be able to cover every story, but hopefully we can fill in some of the gaps.

Graphics and Visuals

Created by Steven Rudnik, available for freelance: stevenrudnik14@gmail.com