Work With Us

The Illinois High School Basketball Network was created to cover the sport and document its history. We aim to tell as many stories as we can about players from across the state — both boys and girls.

Our mission is not small: There are well over 1,000 teams across the state across nearly 70 conferences. This means 10,000-plus student-athletes playing 30,000-plus games per season in an average year. Providing comprehensive coverage of one season is a monumental effort — let alone effectively going back in time.

The Illinois basketball community and those who surround it have immense power and resources — we hope to wrangle some of that to build a community-focused platform to tell the stories of these student athletes and make up for the dwindling coverage from traditional media platforms across the state.

You can contact us via the form at the bottom of this page. Potential ideas for collaboration or support are below, though this list is far from exhaustive.


We are in planning stages to build profiles to showcase your skills, stats, awards and academics. If you have this information readily available, please reach out and we’ll start to build your free profile. Exposure for your achievements will always be free on this site.


We’re looking for team and player stats, historical records, scores and more. We’d love to be added to your social media groups or newsletters. You know who your players are and their backgrounds better than anyone — help us find those great personal tales.


Parents are some of our best allies, alerting us to scores, recruiting news and more. If you have access to stats or video, we’d love to hear from you. Also, we’re in the progress of developing graphics and physical designs to showcase your child’s accomplishments — please get in touch if you’d like to hear more.

School Administrators

If you’re an athletic director, you know the ins-and-outs of your programs, their history, and how they operate. We’d love to work with you to get scores, stats and records onto the site. And if you’re interested in generating more coverage for your teams, we’d love to talk about a partnership.

Writers, Designers, Photographers

There are seemingly unlimited stories to tell. We need storytellers who want to get to the core of a basketball community or a single athlete. We are looking for people who can cover a game or write a tear-jerking feature. People who want to break down game film would be a great asset. And a great story feels empty without visuals to bring it to life. If any of this sounds like you, send us a note.


Are you a team mega-fan? A prep hoops junkie? A supporter of local journalism?

Please reach out to learn how you can support our mission.


Would you like to see more coverage of a team or conference in your community? Have a business that would be a good fit for sponsoring youth sports? We’d love to hear from you.


The site runs an ad network that automates displayed ads and pays next to nothing. In general, we’d be far more interested in working with local advertisers. Advertisements could be place on the full site, or on specific pages such as teams or conference pages. Award sponsorship is also a possibility (ex: our weekly Top Performers).